Giro Pack continues to receive positive feedback regarding their versatile automatic bagger. The Giro ‘Ultrabagger’ offers 9 different bag styles with just 1 machine. 

Each of the 9 bags (pictured) are produced utilizing Giro’s soft woven net and high-graphic printed film, which are both manufactured in Vidalia, GA. These soft net bags offer a high visibility of the product inside, while also offering increased product breathability and improved shelf life. Optional handle or finger holes provide ease of handling and transportation.

It’s no surprise that PMA attendees took notice. Josh Logsdon, Giro’s West Coast Sales & Marketing Manager, noted a marked increase in booth traffic this year, which he attributes to the new “9 Bags - 1 Machine” marketing campaign; speaking of the Ultrabagger’s superior versatility. “Customers continued to ask for a machine that was versatile enough to accommodate constant changes in demand. The Giro ‘Ultrabagger’ allows packers to remain agile and respond to fluctuations in pack styles – without the capital investment of adding additional equipment.” 

The Ultrabagger is available in standard and soft versions to accommodate a wide array of commodities, such as: apples, avocados, citrus, onions, and potatoes – to name but a few.

Jennifer Doxey
Tel: 559.474.5694