Whether you just want to learn more about what farm food safety is all about or if you are being required to have food safety training by your buyers, this training will provide growers with the information needed to begin implementing food safety into their practices.

Day 1 will cover all aspects of what farm food safety is and why it is important for anyone involved in growing fresh produce. Day 2 will help those who want to write a draft food safety implementation plan for their own farm. A food safety plan is required for GAPs/HGAPs audits.

Cost: $60 per first farm member; $15 for each additional member from the same farm. Pre-registration is required.

For more information:
Cornell University
Robert Hadad, Extension Vegetable Specialist
CCE Monroe County
2449 St. Paul Boulevard
Rochester, NY 14617
cell 585-739-4065
fax 585-753-2560