Luna fungicide is now approved for use on an even wider range of fruit, tree nut and vegetable crops in California, giving California growers much needed flexibility in high-value crops.

"This label expansion offers key fungicide options to horticulture growers in California," says Bayer Product Manager Joel Lipsitch. "With three Luna formulations, growers will have tailored solutions for their key disease management challenges."

The fungicide portfolio includes Luna Sensation, Luna Experience and Luna Tranquility. Luna fungicides provide long-lasting, systemic and broad-spectrum disease protection for a wide variety of annual and perennial fruit, tree nut and vegetable crops. Luna fungicides move systemically within the plant's vascular system to deliver protection to buds, blooms and other tissues, offering in-season disease control and long-term tree health.
  • Luna Sensation is registered for tree nuts, pome fruit, stone fruit, citrus, strawberries, carrots, leafy, brassica, fruiting and cucurbit vegetables.
  • Luna Experience is registered for grapes, tree nuts, cucurbit vegetables and hops.
  • Luna Tranquility is registered for potatoes, bulb crops, tomatoes, pome fruit, strawberries and caneberries/bushberries.
"Luna has been tested extensively in field trials across the U.S. on numerous crops," Lipsitch says. "California growers have embraced Luna for its outstanding control of key diseases in crops like tree nuts and wine grapes, and we are excited to bring this outstanding disease control to an even larger group of California crops."

Additional late-season benefits such as enhanced storability of harvested produce, reduced post-harvest losses and extended shelf life are well documented. The dual mode of action in each Luna fungicide works to prevent disease and protect against fungicide resistance. Luna is active on a broad range of plant diseases including powdery mildew, brown rot, shot hole, grey mold, scab, rot, leaf spot, anthracnose, summer diseases and blight.

Luna fungicides provide control of some of the most problematic fungal diseases to help growers deliver superior quality vegetables, fruits and nuts to the market. Application flexibility offers early and mid-season disease protection, as well as late-season defense to extend fruit, vegetable and nut quality beyond harvest to transport, storability and shelf life. In permanent crops, trial results with Luna fungicides have also shown improvements in long-term tree health and vitality.

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