There are many developments in high-tech horticulture in central Mexico. One of the challenges is desalination, since the water is too salty for recirculation and also can’t be used for direct irrigation of crops that are vulnerable to sodium.

An additional challenge in this region are the high silica levels, which hinder conventional desalination techniques (RO). To date this has prevented water recirculation. 

A Dutch company has developed a deionization technology (CapDI) that allows for the controllable removal and monitoring of concentrations of all dissolved substances (TDS), including sodium ions.

The advantage of this technique is that not all minerals are removed from the water. Users can control the optimal sodium and mineral levels for irrigation. CapDI is chemical-free, has low energy consumption and is not affected by silica. Voltea's CapDI provides a solution for the Mexican horticultural sector.

Voltea has already installed and validated this technology at Agropark, a high-tech greenhouse cluster in Querétaro. The CapDI technology can significantly help improve water efficiency in Mexico.

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