Preservation Sciences is licensing its dehydration technology to the Bright Green Group for use in the $160 million facility Bright Green is building on the Acoma Indian Reservation in New Mexico.
Bright Green and the Acoma Pueblo Native American tribe are creating an advanced greenhouse facility and research center for medicinal plants. The development will occupy approximately 150 acres of the Acoma Indian Reservation and will have the capacity to grow up to 40 million plants per year.

Preservation Sciences’ dehydration technology will be used by Bright Green in processing medicinal plants produced by the greenhouse facility. Preservation Sciences is working with Dalsem Complete Greenhouse Projects to customize clean room technology for Bright Green.
“We believe Preservation Sciences’ technology is a perfect fit because it accelerates drying time for our medicinal plants as we prepare them for the critical oil extraction process,” said John Stockwell, Chief Executive Officer of the Bright Green Group. “The contract also stipulates that Preservation Sciences will setup operations onsite in New Mexico, which furthers the Stockwell family’s goal of bringing technology and jobs to the state.”
“Our Preservation Sciences dehydration process includes a unique protein coating which covers the harvested medicinal plants, speeding up the drying time without the typical damage created by conventional drying methods that use extreme heat or freeze drying,” said John Obeid, Chairman of the Board, Preservation Sciences.
“The Bright Green project is truly innovative, bringing together the best in the industry, and it includes affiliations with New Mexico State University, the University of New Mexico and the University of Guelph in Canada,” added Obeid, “We are truly proud to be part of this groundbreaking opportunity.”
The innovative Preservation Sciences technology is supported by Dr. Louis Restrepo, Preservation Sciences Vice President, Technical Development and Support, and Dr. Venkat Hari, Director, Preservation Sciences Advisory Board.
“Our PS Coating product has been successfully applied to more than one hundred agriculture and aquaculture products and consistently retains the highest natural attributes of the source material,” states Ed Sample, President, Preservation Sciences.
Preservation Sciences anticipates development work to begin on the project within the next six months which will include an on-site production facility for its proprietary PS Coating product.
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