With the personal conviction that a better environment starts at home, director Marcel Baelemans started the initiative to make Nispen Verpakkingen into a Cradle2Cradle company a few years ago. "We all have a responsibility towards our planet. Including me. It's my dream for our children and the generations that follow them to have very good quality of life." With this ideal Marcel put the sustainable change to Nispen Verpakkingen into motion. All of this led to a large amount of the Roosendaal carton specialist's products being Cradle to Cradle certified on a Bronze level. On 30 August Marcel Baelemans received the C2C certificate from Hein van Tuijl (managing director EPEA) and Koen Seghers (Project manager EPEA).

This makes Nispen Verpakkingen one of the very first independent, self sufficient, corrugated carton processors in the Benelux area with the desired Cradle to Cradle certificate. To get to this point the company looked at the optimisation of it's entire production process. Using eternal recycling or full biodegradability, Nispen Verpakkingen gives the carton packagings a second life.

Marcel Baelemans: "By achieving the C2C certificate we want to show our suppliers, contacts and potential customers that a relatively small independent player can also have a leading roll in creating a healthy living environment. We will continue this move to sustainability in collaboration with our contact, as we want to be in the vanguard of Socially Responsible Business."

The Cradle to Cradle Certified product standard and checks on compliance are carried out by EPEA the Netherlands. They look for the following:
  • Documentation of the composition of all raw materials
  • Material reuse management
  • Carbon Management
  • Optimalisation of the water management system
  • Social contribution to society
The certificate was awarded for a wide range of corrugated carton products and qualities (carton, paper, glue, ink, staples) produced by Nispen Verpakkingen and is valid on both printed and unprinted packaging. Marcel Baelemans' dream is coming true with the Cradle to Cradle certification: "This certification is a very important step towards 100% good business and is part of our continued Cradle2Cradle optimisation course. This is necessary because the world we live in is an unbelievably beautiful place full of nature, life and other wonders. From towering mountains to the gigantic oceans full of splendour, our planet is an inspiring place to live in. It has to remain this way in the future."

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