Biocontrols are in the spotlight these days. While some policy makers and members of the public are becoming more wary of chemical crop protection, biological solutions seem to be the holy grail for many. But in a lot of crops only a limited number of biological products currently are available to farmers to fight pests and diseases. Is the crop protection industry lagging behind or are expectations overstretched? And what is Syngenta doing in this field?

On Tuesday afternoon 29 November 2016, Syngenta will present its strategy and some of its initiatives in the area of biological crop protection. The company’s experts will also engage with stakeholders such as policy makers, academics, opinion makers and farmer unions on the challenges ahead.

At Syngenta’s Ghent Innovation Center in Belgium, the company is developing solutions based on RNAi, a novel crop protection technology. The event will showcase how Syngenta is applying an open source approach to its research data on this new technology.

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