The Desert Project aims to integrate all technologies needed for desalination and fertigation in the same compact and intelligent module designed to optimize energy consumption, thanks to solar energy.

The Desert Project is co-financed by CEDETI within the guidelines of the Water-Works 2014 program of the European Union for the sustainable management of water resources in agriculture.

Novedades Agrícolas is responsible for the manufacture of two compact prototypes (HidroNIC-Desal and HidroNIC-Fert) for the use of wastewater laden with salt and integrate ring filtration, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, injection of essential products, XILEMA fertigation equipment, all operated by solar energy.

Project stages
Two prototypes will be installed:
  1. One of the modules is already installed in the plant's wastewater in Balsicas (Murcia).
  2. Experimental phase with module installation at the University of Bari (Italy).
Progress update
On 21 and 22 September, members of the Desert Project met at the University of Bari for a project presentation and a field trip.

At this workshop, various topics related to agriculture and wastewater reuse in the Mediterranean were discussed, current research and future management activities were summarized and various features of the project were presented:
  • Integration of the water compact module technology.
  • Development of an on-line intelligent fertigation equipment-QUANTUM.
  • DESERT irrigation water validation.
  • Methodological protocols for assessing soil fertility and quality under irrigation with non- conventional water sources.
  • Sustainability assessment, energy and cost efficiency of the DESERT system.
  • DESERT communication and dissemination activities. Tools to decrease the barrier from the implementation to market.
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