Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Adésys introduce a new alarm registration and handling system for iSii alarms: iSii + ARA-Pro. This software provides convenience and extra security for nurseries with multiple locations and iSii systems in handling alarms. iSii + ARA-Pro takes the urgency of the iSii alarm and staff time table into account when notifying 24/7 stand by team. For example, low priority alarm notifications won’t be sent to staff members on call during the night: these are postponed to the next day.

Hoogendoorn and alarm dialer producer Adésys have worked together to optimize alarm registration and handling of iSii alarms, specifically developed for large nurseries. iSii + ARA-Pro allows growers to define a priority level to iSii alarm handling and to connect alarms to a specific team member (e.g. crop advisor, owner, service mechanic) based on timetable. The ARA system takes absence and holidays into account. This means that alarms can always be handled adequately by the right team member.

Adequate alarm handling
Via the set up menu in ARA – Pro, connected via a secured network with iSii, the grower defines a priority level of handling iSii alarms and assigns these to a staff team. This means that in case of a high priority alarm, such as deviation EC supply Pump 1, the on-call service technician is directly notified via a SMS or speech message. Also a back up procedure can be set up when urgent alarm calls are not answered by the responsible team member. Notifications for low priority alarms during nights, such as low level drain well, are postponed to e.g. 7.00 am.

All alarms presented at a glance
Both high and low priority iSii alarms, coming from multiple systems and locations, are presented at a glance in a log book. This logbook can be filtered and exported in reports which makes it easy to distribute these among staff. ARA-Pro can also send periodic reports of alarms via email. Growers can always change and add iSii alarms, also when they expand their iSii system. This means no extra costs are charged for installation.

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