The Dutch evaluation committee for purification systems in horticulture (BZG) included the first water purification system on the 'BZG list purification systems horticulture'. This honor was bestowed on the HortiZone installations of Agrozone.

The installation is based on 100% ozone technique. Under the name HortiZone, this purifier is marketed in various capacities. The certification was realized by Wageningen UR, spearheaded by Jim van Ruijven.

HortiZone operation
Ozone is one of the most environmentally friendly techniques. The purification installation is based on 100% ozone oxidation. No consumables, like activated carbon, hydrogen peroxide, chloride, catalysts or coated ceramic grains, are needed. Just electricity and compressed air.

Agrozone supplies the HortiZone in two types. The basic model with a 0.7m3/h capacity is just a bit bigger than a euro pallet, and is provided in a 230V model, keeping energy costs low.

Drainwater disinfector
A PLUS model is also available, which can double as a disinfector. In addition to full disinfection of your drainwater, it also results in a significant increase of oxygen in the irrigation water. This decreases disease pressure around the roots, stimulates beneficial organisms, improves nutrient absorption and keeps pipes and drip systems cleaner. A big plus of using ozone as a disinfector is that it also removes growth inhibitors and root exudates from the water.

Sodium and nitrogen removal
For zero emission in 2027, a purification step has been developed to remove sodium and nitrogen. This unit can be placed behind the HortiZone. The residues from this purification are reusable fertilizers. So Agrozone is future-proof.

Individual or collective
With certified purification capacities of 0.7m3/h to 10m3/h, this installation can be used for individual applications, but also for collectives. Larger capacities are always bespoke.

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