From a humble beginning back in 1976 when John Vollebregt formed Cravo in a garage, Cravo has evolved into a major company in automatic retractable roof cooling houses, greenhouses, and retractable field and orchard covers.

To celebrate the 40 year milestone, the worldwide staff and their spouses enjoyed a "Thank you" dinner boat cruise in the Toronto harbor last week.

Enjoying Toronto before the dinner cruise

The Cravo group boarding the cruise ship

During the celebration, Cravo President and CEO Richard Vollebregt summarized how the product has changed over the last 40 years:
  • 40 years ago: developed and manufactured retractable tarping systems for dump trucks
  • 36 years ago: diversified into designing and manufacturing retractable shading and energy curtains for inside greenhouses
  • 34 years ago: developed the first retractable roof curtain system for protecting outdoor crops
  • 25 years ago: developed the world's first retractable roof greenhouse
  • 12 years ago: developed the sensors and computer control system to optimize the control of the retractable roof and walls
  • 8 years ago: developed the retractable roof production system and protocols for vegetables, cherries and berries
So while the product has changed, when John Vollebregt founded Cravo 40 years ago, he instilled values which have formed the foundation for how Cravo still operates today:
  • Listen to the problems that your customer has. The opportunities lie in determining solutions to your customers' problems
  • Always look for opportunities to innovate
  • Create a strong engineering department since that is the only way you have a chance to manufacture things repeatedly
  • Nobody gets a job that they are not qualified for
  • Learn how to make decisions. Along the way you will make mistakes. Once somebody made a $1,000 mistake.... he said " I just invested $1,000 in you, please learn from your mistake and don't make this mistake again"
  • Give and you will receive
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