Acadian Seaplants Limited (ASL) has re-branded their agricultural products division and has launched the division’s new identity in an effort to reflect its commitment to providing effective solutions to growers within the agricultural industry. The division, Acadian Plant Health (APH), has a fundamental purpose of sustainably empowering plants and will offer a range of premium products for maximizing crop yields. Focusing on innovation, sustainability, grower & partner focus, and its people, APH’s vision is to empower growers and their crops to sustainably feed the world today and in the future.

“The launch of this new division is an important part of Acadian Seaplants’ long-term growth strategy as it sets the stage for the company to expand its suite of plant health products,” said President of APH, Roger Tripathi. “I am thrilled to be able to initiate the development of a portfolio of biostimulant and bionutritional solutions that will ensure long-term, sustainable growth for both our partners and our company,” added Tripathi.

The importance of the biostimulant sector, within global agricultural markets, is advancing at an unparalleled rate. ASL is an active participant in the effort to advance the growth of the global biostimulant industry. It is a contributing member of several associations, such as the European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) in Europe and the Biostimulant Coalition in the United States, that work with industry regulators to define and establish a category for biostimulant products. As this work continues and new research uncovers additional plant benefits attributed to biostimulant products, their use is expected to increase considerably as they take their rightful place in mainstream, integrated crop management programs.

“It’s an exciting time for Acadian Seaplants,” said President and CEO of ASL, Jean-Paul Deveau. “The global biostimulant industry is growing and there is an ever-pressing need and demand for agricultural products that are safe for the environment. Acadian Plant Health will provide growers with the solutions they need to maximize their crops’ ROI and keep sustainability at the forefront,” added Deveau.

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