Mini cucumbers in resealable packaging can create new sales opportunities for the original product, according to Carla Houben of cucumber plant Mellantas. “It could be used as a healthy and tasty snack in canteens, at the check-out line in supermarkets, or just in a rack in the supermarket.”

Producing or differentiating?
Carla and Hans Houben have been growing mini cucumbers on 3,000 metres of their plantation since early this year. “Many growers face a choice: do you want your company to grow, or will you invest in product differentiation,” says Carla. “We have tested a variety of mini cucumbers in consultation with a hybridiser. Of course, these are already on the market, so we were trying to find a way to distinguish ourselves even further.”

The tested variety turned out to be very interesting. Carla states that they chose resealable packaging to improve the product quality. “This variety is very tasty and crunchy. We wanted to preserve that with the correct packaging.” A flow pack is not very suitable for mini cucumbers. “These are easily thrown away after opening the packaging, they are not used to increase the shelf life. “That is why we opted for a resealable bag. With the safety seal, customers can see immediately that the packaging has not been opened before.”

The mini cucumbers are packed in twos or fours. “We see a lot of possibilities for the twin pack in check-out lines, canteens, or in supermarket racks” says Houben. These placements can be used to create new sales potential. The packaging with four mini cucumbers, we can a place for the produce segment in supermarkets. With a view to the international market, the packaging is also available in German and English. 

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