Tantalus Labs announces that it has crossed a landmark milestone for the company, finishing construction of its innovative cannabis production facility, SunLab. Designed with the principles of high-tech agriculture and environmental stewardship, SunLab initiates a move away from the artificially lit and energy intensive indoor grow-ops that represent 90% of the cannabis production in North America today.

The facility employs innovative greenhouse technology throughout cultivation, logistics, and security. Automation and software are utilized in areas such as drip line fertilizer and irrigation, cannabis-specific airflow optimization, and environmental monitoring through an array of novel sensors. An innovative rainwater recapture system leveraging UV, sand, and reverse-osmosis filtration enables the irrigation of plants, drawing from abundant and pure British Columbian rainfall. Alex Close, Creative Director of Tantalus Labs states, "Sunlab represents a design choice to harmonize technology with nature, creating a cultivation environment that is supernatural."

SunLab provides an optimal way to fuel plant growth with sunlight, drastically reducing the power consumed by artificial lamps alone. Greenhouses are industry standard in other environmentally-controlled crops such as tomatoes, peppers, and bedding plants in Canada. However, growing cannabis in a greenhouse while abiding by stringent Canadian regulations known as the ACMPR (formerly MMPR) is still an emerging practice. Technologies from various industries have been adopted and specialized at Sunlab in order to maintain compliance in areas such as security and quality assurance.

The completed structure represents four years of design and construction, with input from some of British Columbia's foremost agricultural scientists. With the potential for significant reduction of carbon footprint relative to indoor production, Dan Sutton, Managing Director of Tantalus Labs notes, "SunLab is an advancement for cannabis cultivation technology that Canadians can be proud of. We are building a brighter future for credible and technical cannabis agriculture."

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