Ten years after the opening of the first stage, the starting signal for the second phase of the Agropark was given yesterday by director Alberto Amkie and the governor of Querétaro.

The ceremony was attended by many representatives of the greenhouse operations at the current Agropark, greenhouse technology suppliers and officials of the local authorities. As well as this, a delegation of the Dutch Agricultural Office of the Kingdom of the Netherlands was present; one of the key partners and initiators of the development of the Agropark concept.

The second stage of the high-tech greenhouse cluster in the Mexican state of Queretaro, will provide another 528 hectares of land to develop greenhouses, warehouses, green areas and a residential zone for its workers.

During the opening talk, Amkie stressed the importance of the development of the residential zone for the workers. Many growers that established at the first stage experience problems in the supply of work forces, who had to travel from afar. With the establishment of a couple of hundred apartments, the Agropark hopes to tackle this problem by creating a more local community.

Furthermore, Amkie spoke about the attractive opportunities for foreign investors to establish themselves at the Agropark; the location provides a great alternative for Dutch producers of flowers and vegetables who currently grow their products in Holland and ship them to the U.S. and Canada.

Francisco Domínguez Servién, Governor of the State of Queretaro

Among many other offical from the Mexican government and Unions, also the Governor of Querétaro, Francisco Dominguez was present at the opening. He said that the Agropark was a success story for the city of Colón and the state of Querétaro. "95% of the products grown at the Agropark are exported to the United States and Canada. As the consumption and demand only increases, also in other countries, we foresee a bright future."

Pictures provided by Eduardo Banda of HortiMaX Mexico