The harvesting of aubergines will start in a few weeks in Vittoria. Because of the mild winter, the 2015/16 season has not been one of the best but this is true for all vegetables. Growers have diversified their production over the years so that they can supply the market with niche products which can reach higher prices.

"We supply the market with new types of aubergines to command better prices, especially in the restaurant sector. This year, we will focus on increasing volume."

But the operator also stresses the need to "tell the story of a product, its origin and history. Only complete information about the produce leads to it standing out, thus increasing sales. This can be achieved thanks to various initiatives."

With respect to the previous campaign, prices at the end of the 2015/16 season were lower. The fact that we were a known brand is the only thing that saved us."

Streaked aubergines now available in Dubai!
"Streaked aubergines are no longer a niche product for us. We invested a lot in them, understood how the variety works and have reached satisfactory prices. Once again, we managed to do this abroad thanks to the fact we provided information on why to buy them and how to use them."

"In Dubai, we started with purple aubergines and people are now requiring the streaked and oblong varieties, so we are looking to increase the volumes. We supply all the restaurants in Dubai!"

Thanks to northern Italian platforms, the produce also reaches the Netherlands, Switzerland and even Japan.

Mini San Marzano tomatoes compensate for disappointing aubergine campaign 
The mini San Marzano tomato campaign ended in late July/early August. "Thankfully, prices were good and we are now increasing cultivation."