Enza Zaden Mexico has been awarded ‘Best sponsor of the year’ during the annual AMHPAC congress of 25 and 26 August. “We have been a proud sponsor and participant of the AMHPAC, the Mexican Protected Horticulture Association, for 4 years now,” says Marketing Specialist Juan Labastida who received the award on behalf of Enza Zaden Mexico.

“We have received this award in name of all colleagues who work hard to provide the best solutions to our greenhouse partners in the industry. This award shows our commitment and will make us even more dedicated to our work.”

Alfredo Diaz, Director of AHMPAC, presented the award saying that “this is a well-earned recognition to the outstanding performance and collaborative presence of the Enza Zaden team within AMHPAC and the industry.”

AMHPAC Annual Congress
During the AMHPAC Annual Congress all chain partners growing and trading the largest extent of Mexico's protected vegetables come together. This year, over 300 visitors attended the congress. They came from all over Mexico, and several came from the United States, Canada, France and the Netherlands.

The congress focuses on the latest developments in technology and it gives access to worldwide suppliers specialised in the protected crops.

5-kilometre run
During the congress there’s also time for leisure and entertainment. For 3 years in a row, there has been a 5 and 10 kilometre run in which Enza Zaden colleagues also participate. This year Herlindo Martinez participated in the 5-kilometre run.
Vitalis organic seed was also present by sponsoring the beach cocktail and dinner for the participants.

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