City Farming completed a research project aimed at determining the time that baby leaf needs to grow. In order to fulfill the task the GroLine LED grow light system was used. Totally just four lights with 120W power were used to light up the area of 3.4 square meters. Miguel Auguilera, the founder of City Farming was pleased by the results of the tests because the time from the seeding to harvest took only 8 days. As Miguel said, such impressive results were possible thanks to GroLight LED lights that delivered a proper amount of PPFD to the seeds thus boosting their growth. More research using different substrates is underway.

Genesis Scientific is a developer and manufacturer of LED horticultural lighting. They specialize in LED lighting for vertical farms, greenhouses, controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Currently the professional LED grow lights series consists of these products:
  • GroBar LED horticultural light system. Featuring 185W of latest Osram LED technology, it has a very high PPF output and is used mainly in top lighting in greenhouses as supplemental lighting, as well as in climate chambers for plant research.
  • GroInter LED horticultural lighting system. This double-sided light emission system is used to give additional light to plants where there is not enough sun light- inside the canopy of vine plants like cucumbers and tomatoes.
  • GroLine LED horticultural lighting system. These lights are very successfully used in vertical farms, both in multi-tier and vertical types of layout. For special requests the lights may feature water cooling technology that allows recycle heat generated by the lights. The system is very quick in install and connect.
  • GroStick LED horticultural lighting system. In multilayer applications where very high intensity is needed, GroStick is the perfect solution. With power up to 60W per meter and slim profile, this LED grow light is great for vertical farms and climate chambers. The spectrum of GroStick series is great for all stages of growing of leafy greens, strawberries, vine crops and can be used both in hydroponic and in soil growing.
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