Svensson had something to celebrate last night; the 35th anniversary of their Dutch division. They invited a large group of Dutch growers, suppliers, screen installers and greenhouse constructors to celebrate this with a barbecue and sunny summer vibes at a Westland beach club. Here are some pictures:

Robert-Jan de Goeij (Dalsem) and Wilma van der Lely (Priva)

Jos Groenewege (Ammerlaan Construction) and grower Cor van der Kaaij (RedStar)

Jack and Ruud Vlottes (Huisman Scherming), Carl Stougie (SchermNed) and Ton Habraken (Svensson)

Martin Helmich (Hoogendoorn) and Don Kester (Van der Hoeven)

Ronald Thijssen (Ammerlaan Construction), Laurens Bezemer (Svensson) and Jos Groenewegen (Ammerlaand Construction)

Arjan van der Meer recently started with Gakon

Good times with Kubo's Wouter Kuiper

Arco van der Mout (Looije Agro Technics) and Marco van Trigt

Ton Versteeg of Bom Group with his wife.

Peter Voskamp (L&J Voskamp) Jan Vellekoop (PDI), Arnold Voskamp and John Harting (Harting Holland )

Marcel Schulte & Richelle van Dorssen (Holland Groep) and Robert Vink (Alumat Zeeman)

Svensson Holland managing director Maarten Oostenbrink together with Louis van der Meer of Van der Hoeven

Arno van Deursen (Van der Valk Systemen), Niek Luiten (Luiten Greenhouses) and Michel Winkel (VB Group)

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