"The tomatoes in the coarse segment are nicely balanced for this time of year. Whereas the market for round and vine tomatoes was very supply driven at the start demand is now growing. For plum tomatoes the supply is mediocre and the prices are good. For snack tomatoes the season can't be spoiled. In both plum and snack tomatoes the hail damage has certainly had an impact on the market. Due to there being some growers out of production here and there, a good demand market has been created," concludes Bart Zeevenhoven of Scherpenhuizen.

"Dutch tomatoes are determining the market situation at the moment. In Spain and the surrounding countries it is much too warm. The only competition was from Poland, but they had sold a lot forward, so they had a shortage. Now the prices are moving up, so we're not bothered by that. All in all it could be an excellent tomato year. Spain will slowly enter the market, but the big question is how the product will do at a temperature of 40 degrees. I'm reasonably positive and expect an acceptable end to the tomato market."

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