A South Australian pickler is launching a new range that features an innovative packaging design, which is set to bring Australian-grown cucumbers back to the pickle jar.

Adelaide food producer Spring Gully Foods is launching the new line of Australian-grown produce in an innovative lift-and-drain packaging format.

The new line includes Spring Gully dill cucumbers, along with a range of Australian-grown and processed pickled onions, olives and capsicums and are being distributed nationally through Coles.

Spring Gully claims the new lift-and-drain plastic packaging, in which product sits in a basket within a container, is a first for Australia in this category. The basket can be lifted from the liquid to allow easy product access.

The new range of cucumbers will help revive the retail gherkin market, says Spring Gully’s managing director, Kevin Webb. “We last processed Australian gherkins about 25 years ago when they were grown by commercial grape growers in the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley as a secondary crop. Since then we have been sourcing them from overseas,” he says. “However, we recently signed a multi-year agreement with a large commercial market gardener at Virginia, north of Adelaide and will receive around 300 tonnes of fresh cucumbers this year. This volume is anticipated to increase year on year.”

Neil Lake, general manager grocery at Coles, says the supermarket is passionate about innovation and supporting Australian businesses to innovate and grow. “We are proud to work with Spring Gully Foods to grow their business and develop new products for our customers to try. Their focus on innovation has led to these new products being the only items packaged in plastic containers in the category, making it easier and more convenient than ever for Australians to enjoy some of their favourites,” he says.

Source: marketingmag.com.au