So far, bell peppers have not yet had a slump in prices this year. “We are cautious about saying that this will be a good season and we cannot yet draw a final conclusion but, as things stand, 2016 will conclude along similar lines to 2015. And that would be a season everybody could live with. I think everything has gone as expected, so far. Now we just have to wait and see what autumn will bring,” says Bruno Vuerinckx of BelOrta.

Average price similar to last year
“Prices for red and yellow are currently fairly normal, and for green they are high. Green is just over two euros, but that is due to the smaller supply. Yellow is around 1.50 per kilogram, and red are selling at between 1.20 and 1.30 euros. The supply of yellow is gradually decreasing but we have a sufficient supply of red bell peppers. Prices have been changeable, but average prices for all colours have been similar to those of 2015 so far.”

Bell pepper is an important vegetable for BelOrta, and all colours combined, they are in the top five in terms of volume. Auction BelOrta and Cooperative Hoogstraten together sell 100 per cent of the Belgian bell pepper production. Over 150 hectares of bell pepper, divided into four colours, are cultivated under the Flandria brand. Of this, more than 50 per cent comes from the Netherlands.

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