Marrone Bio Innovations announced that both Grandevo and Venerate Bioinsecticides have been added to the approved list of materials published by Aneberries as compliant with USA and EU standards. Aneberries is a national association that represents exporters of fresh berries in Mexico, and facilitates exports, ensures food safety, encourages, promotes and defends trade and supports the opening of new markets. The association encourages the professional development of its members, with principles of social responsibility and protecting the environment. Additionally, it disseminates technical, statistical and commercial information, supporting research programs for development of the berry production sector.

Grandevo and Venerate are advanced broad-spectrum bioinsecticides that offer protection against chewing and sucking insects and mites including thrips, whiteflies, Asian citrus psyllid, armyworms and other pest caterpillars, Lygus bug, mealybugs, and soil-inhabiting pests. The active ingredients in Grandevo and Venerate bioinsecticides are different, novel species of non-living bacteria that produce insecticidal compounds during the fermentation manufacturing process.

Both Grandevo and Venerate were registered for use in Mexico in the summer of 2016. Along with solanaceous and cole crops for control of chewing and sucking insects, the approved labels allow uses on berry crops such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, currants, and blueberry for the control of targeted pests of thrips and two-spotted spider mites. Grandevo and Venerate have been classified as “green band” products which means both products have low toxicity and present minimal health risks to farm workers, applicators, and food processors. The green band designation also means both Grandevo and Venerate have minimal re-entry intervals and treated crops can be harvested with minimum pre-harvest intervals.

“Mexico generates 30% of global export volume and the quality of their berries is well recognized in North America and Europe.” said Pam Marrone, Founder and CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations. “Aneberries recognized not only the efficacy of Grandevo and Venerate, but also their unique active ingredients which help delay pest resistance to other synthetic and biological pesticides currently in use by berry growers. Plus, both products are pesticide residue tolerance exempt and are designed to reduce chemical residues and promote both ease of trade and quality of both organically and conventionally produced fruit.”

Both Grandevo and Venerate are compliant with the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) and listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). Marrone’s biofungicide Regalia Maxx is also sold in Mexico for several crops and diseases, and is likewise on Aneberries’ approved product list.

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