Whether you have a big or small greenhouse operation; labour often covers the largest part of the cost price. In some situations extensive terminal based labour management systems are installed to track labour and optimize work efficiency. But some situations require a simpler and less expensive approach.

For this situation, Gremon Systems has developed their Workflow application. This cloud based labour management system requires hardly any installation of expensive hardware. The core of the system is the labour and productivity tracking mobile application that can be installed on the smartphones of workers and managers.

The smartphone app is available in multiple languages

Ever since the introduction of the System, Gremon Systems has received great interest in the product. Especially from countries like Spain, where there are many large greenhouse operations who are challenged to keep their cost price down and work as efficiently as possible. But also more high tech operations in Europe started to work with the system. "Its simpler, affordable and more efficient to work with", said János Lóczi of Gremon.

Employee in a high tech greenhouse that uses Gremon Workflow


János explained that Spanish horticulture is known for its large greenhouse operations in the regions of Almeria and Murcia; an industry that employs thousands of workers every season. Growing on such a large scale requires good management practiced to control all of the workers. Yet, while the growers are interested in optimizing the productivity of their workforces, many are reluctant to invest big capital in expensive labour management systems that requires the installation of computers, on-site servers, terminals and infrastructure.

"The production of the greenhouses is often not high enough to invest thousands of dollars in a labour management system. Our mobile platform is an affordable alternative for them to follow productivity and activity real-time."

Simple icons help the app easy to use and understand

Whether the workers are pruning, harvesting, deleafing or performing any other tasks; they can register everything inside the mobile Workflow application. It is also possible that one group leader registers everything. Users can also add disorder reports, which can be useful for pest monitoring or scouting other problems in the greenhouse. "The application is very user friendly, multilingual, requires hardly any training and we work with icons as much as possible. In this way even people that can not read are able to use the app."


The mobile app keeps track of the workers; how long it takes to perform tasks, in which bay or path the tasks are carried out and how much has been done or harvested. "It provides sophisticated and precise statistics that will contain important information about the productiveness of the greenhouse business. It can track norms, productivity and stability of each the workers, and it enables to compare them in every aspect. The system also helps in common administrative back office processes and can be integrated into several other third-party systems."

Cloud based

Growers with greenhouses in remote areas with availability of none or just minimal mobile signal do not have to worry about the mobile application. "The app can be used offline and the data can be pushed towards the cloud based server via wireless hotspots that can be installed in the greenhouses. This is just a minimal and affordable installation if needed, besides this no additional servers or investments have to be made.'' 

The Gremon Workflow system is available in several subscription packages that offer introduction training.

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