Bringing healthy, locally produced food into institutions is an effective strategy to address social, economic, and environmental issues. Since New England food distributors play such a significant role in what people eat at institutions, Farm to Institution New England has conducted some research that provides insight into the experience of these companies in providing local food to institutions such as schools, hospitals, and colleges.

Results from a new survey based on responses from more than 60 New England food distributors – both large and small – have revealed that these distributors moved over a billion dollars of food in 2012, of which $366 million was sold to institutions. Nearly $60 million of these institutional sales consisted of locally produced food.

Get answers to these burning questions: How much do distributors sell to institutions? How do they define local – and how much local food do they sell to institutions? What are the most popular local products? What products are hardest for them to source locally? What do they think about working with local vendors (producers, producer cooperatives, and processors)? What are the biggest barriers they face?

This webinar will lay out recommendations for four key audiences: food distributors, government agencies, philanthropies/nonprofits, and institutions. There will also be time for audience Q&A.

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