For a year now Dutch grower Peter Verberne has been growing the green pepper Arietta at his new location. In the summer the breed distinguishes itself on coarseness. A fruit weight of 197 was achieved in July as well.

This year Verberne is growing at three locations for the first time. Since last year, he owns a new 5.8 ha greenhouse besides the existing locations of 4.5 and 1.7 ha. The greenhouse is for 75% filled with green Arietta peppers from Syngenta. At the other locations snack peppers are also grown, among other things.

Last year Verberne triad the variety for the first time. Arietta stood out for its fruit weight and its constant setting. "Currently the setting is also constant and the fruit weight remains stable: 197 grams on average, even in July. And it stays generative. What strikes us the most is its uniform green color. Now that the days are getting shorter again, it is important to ensure that the pepper plants don’t begin to grow vegetatively, despite the generative of the variety. That will be the focal point in cultivation in the coming weeks.

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