A crowdfunding campaign has started on Indiegogo.com to raise the money to bring American grower Matt Hockersmith to Denmark to create a documentary, called Organic Vikings, on his possible transition into organic farming.

In an increasing difficult climate for America's growers, many believe that the transition to completely organic farming could be the key to survival.

The plan is to fly Hockersmith to Denmark from Wyoming so he can meet Danish growers and see, first hand, how they run their operations. The idea is that he will be able to take back all he sees and learns and share the information with others.

Filmmaker Lee Allen Johnson felt that Denmark was the perfect setting. The Danish government has been working to convert the entire country's agriculture into organic and sustainable farming, and as early back as 2007, Copenhagen officials set a goal to serve 90 percent organic food in it's facilities.

"What we're really trying to do is create an opportunity for collaboration between the non-organic and sustainable organic farmers because that’s where the real power lies. Every farm we can help turn organic makes a difference." said Johnson.