While French greenhouse manufacturer Richel is globally known for its leadership in the field of plastic greenhouses and multi tunnels, the group has added a new strategic Venlo division to increase their development of glass greenhouse structures.

According to Benjamin Richel, the new Venlo department is a welcome addition to provide a more complete solution to fulfill the demand from growers all over the world. "We will remain a front runner in the plastic greenhouse industry, but we want to expand our brand with an additional division that will be dedicated to develop advanced Venlo greenhouse solutions with the same agronomic approach as we are known for from our plastic greenhouse division. Together with our other departments such as Richel Equipment, we will now be able to complete projects even more turnkey."

Richel has been offering Venlo structures for many years already, starting in the early 2000’s with a first project in Mexico. The group continued with many other turnkey greenhouse projects, from Europe and North America to other horizons like the Middle East and Australia. However, with the new division, the French manufacturer will increase their development of special greenhouse solutions for Venlo projects.

"Offering the turnkey service that everybody wants is one thing; having our very own technical and agronomic approach is an other", said Benjamin. "We believe that we add value by offering systems that are very well thought out, and more adapted to the customer's climate and growing requirements. We have always had this culture in our other departments and now want to offer it to our Venlo customers as well."

Benjamin Richel furthermore explained that the group wants to distinguish itself in the market and build up on the name they are known for. "We will still rely on and collaborate with other industry partners and bring everything together to offer one complete solution. Yet, with the new Venlo department we have our own engineering team that creates solutions from our own perspective."

Benjamin Richel said that especially the increased worldwide demand for glass Venlo structures has sparked the group's interest to sprout the development of their own Venlo brand. "Choosing between glass and plastic roofs, between one climate system or another is not always easy. In the world there are countries where plastic greenhouses are the best option, in others glass make more sense, and in some countries you can do both. Growing seasons are also key to this decision. For example our home market, France, is a very interesting market for glass greenhouses. Especially for growers that want to produce year round or counter season. Also colder climates like Northern Europe, Russia and North America are very interesting markets to develop more glass greenhouse projects."

The team from Richel at the GreenTech in Amsterdam this year.

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