Polish packaging company Famag specializes in a wide range of packaging products for agriculture and industry companies with automated packaging, the most common examples being, raschel bags, knitted nets, pre-sealed packaging (novo-pack), pallet wrap netting and preferred bags. Additionally, they are also producing flexographic printing, perforation and film laminates in various compositions, along with waterproof (ALU / PE) and cardboard edge protectors.

When asked which is the most popular product they supply, Export manager Grzegorz Karaś replied, "It is difficult to determine the most popular product. If I had choose one it would be the laminate films with flexographic printing. This is because it has a large printing area and can be utilized for a wide variety of products such as vegetables, fruits, dairy, confectionery, bakery, ready meals, salads. It is also easily adaptable to different types of packaging machines, which adds to its appeal and has led to its rapid growth."

Trend for smaller packaging
"I believe that the coming trends in packaging for the final customer, will be smaller and smaller packaging. This does mean that the products will need to be better selected/sorted in terms of quality, and that the packaging will need to be more creatively designed." shared Karaś.

"A good example of how things are changing is by looking at the potato industry in Poland. Just 20 years ago, potatoes could only be bought from the market or in small grocery stores. This was later followed by them being sold in raschel bags as a convenient form of packaging, which has gradually reduced in size over the years. Today, we can find potatoes on supermarket shelves packed in novo-pack packaging (1-3kg formats) with colorful print and a handle for convenience. I believe that in the near future, Polish suppliers might go for even smaller volumes, between 0.5-1kg, with printed film laminates with a perforation or anti fog barrier."

Polish packaging several years behind EU
FAMAG's biggest market remains the Polish market, however, the company has also expanded into countries such as Russia, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, and the United Kingdom, amongst others. Karaś shared that they are always open for cooperation with both distributors and other packaging manufacturers.

"Personally, I think that the Polish packaging is still several years behind in comparison to the western European markets. While new types of packaging are already available in other European countries, Poland only makes the switch once the marketing and infrastructure of both packaging machines and production has been thoroughly analysed. Companies that are not afraid to invest in new technologies can hit the untapped segment and gain a lot." said Karaś.

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