For hydroponic growers who want to grow organic produce, finding a good quality organic fertilizer can be challenging. Since plant nutrients from an organic fertilizer enter the hydroponic system in different forms than in a traditional fertilizer, they interact with plants, pH, and microbes in unique ways. Often times, the grower is left with questions.

If you want to grow organically, there’s a live “crash course” to organic hydroponic fertilizers next week that you need to attend.

Upstart University and renowned horticultural expert “Farmer Tyler” of Hort Americas are teaming up to provide growers with some quick insight into this topic.

On Wednesday, August 24th, Upstart University is hosting a live online conversation (with Q&A) with Farmer Tyler. This mini-webinar will cover:
  • What are “organic fertilizers?”
  • What do they do in your hydroponic system?
  • Tried and true nutrient solutions and fertilizers
  • Q&A to solve real life problems
Walk away from this event with powerful insight and applicable recommendations for your organic hydroponic farm.

This session is a first look into the larger topic of hydroponic nutrients and fertilizers, an upcoming course on Upstart University.

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