Food Safety and Quality professionals across food and beverage now have a friend in the job business -- Joe. More specifically - Joe Food Safety - the newest addition to the Joe Family of Companies.

“Customer service, focus, deep understanding, and making the experience easy is our formula with Joe Produce, and we are now extending those same elements to food safety,” stated Rex Lawrence, Founder and President of Joe Produce.

Customers of Joe Food Safety receive personalized care as the Joe team caters to all of an employer’s needs throughout the process. Joe Food Safety’s writers will even craft a job description, if needed, before posting the job on its website, newsletters, social media sites, and various other websites.

“We are hyper-focused on food safety, with ‘an inch wide and a mile deep’ mentality. If companies have any jobs in food safety or quality, all we need is their job description and logo, and we will take care of the rest. And it’s ‘free’ right now!” expressed Lawrence.

To kick off the Grand Opening of this new division in the extended Joe Family of Companies, Joe Food Safety is currently marketing jobs for free. Simply email the Joe Food Safety team a job description and your logo, and they go to work for you.

Later in the year, Joe Food Safety will offer its marketing services at a reasonable price for a full campaign. At $349, employers will receive the complete “Joe Pro” package for 90 days. Resumes received through Joe Food Safety are directly sent to the employer.

Joe Food Safety already hosts a notable selection of industry names such as Dole, SCS Global, Grimmway Farms, Sanitation Specialists, Blue Ribbon Frozen Foods, Taylor Farms, Robinson Fresh, and more.

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