"The import of the main vegetables from the foreign markets at the moment is dead calm", explains CoFra, a wholesaler based in Verona specialising in imports from Spain, the Netherlands and France.

"Things are going well and the situation is very calm. Everything will change next week. Now sales are a bit slower, but we believe it is due to the crisis rather than the attacks in Paris."

Tomatoes at CoFra's stall.

"At the moment, we are importing bunch and beefsteak tomatoes and artichokes from Spain, though quantities of the former will decrease if the temperature drops. Spanish bunch tomatoes are quoted at €1.20-1.40 and €0.90-1 per kg for the first and second category respectively. Beefsteak tomatoes are sold at €1.30-1.60 for 40x60 cm crates (i.e. €1.40/kg). The prices of artichokes are acceptable. Usually they tend to increase at this time of year but not this year apparently."

From France, the company imports mainly shallot, sold at €1.50-1.80 per kg. "The price is quite fair and quality is excellent."

The Verona wholesale market (Archive photo)

"From the Netherlands we import a few tomatoes, though the season is ending. Prices are getting too high for the quality, between €1 and €1.20-1.30 per kg depending on quality."