Indoor Harvest Corp is pleased to announce a partnership with Freight Farms, a leading pioneer in containerized farming. 

Freight Farms launched in 2010 to create a more sustainable and connected food system by creating highly sustainable farms in shipping containers. To date, there are more than 108 farmers across the United States and Canada utilizing Freight Farms to bring fresh, local produce directly into their communities. Currently, the farms can be used to grow varieties of lettuces, brassicas and herbs. 

Chad Sykes, Chief Executive Officer of Indoor Harvest, stated, "We are excited to be working with Freight Farms, the industry leader in containerized farming systems. This partnership will allow us to co-develop custom applications as well as platforms that integrate our aeroponic and shallow raft designs into containerized systems for both research applications, plant expression platforms and food production. By leveraging the expertise and existing manufacturing base between our two companies, a wide range of applications for modular containerized infrastructure can be made available." 

The companies will work together to explore how Freight Farms' containerized approach to indoor farming could be deployed in new ways to reach into untapped markets, including those internationally, as well as applications for non-profits and pharmaceutical research. 

"We look forward to working with Indoor Harvest to explore new opportunities that bring agriculture into the modern age. Indoor Harvest has an industry perspective that sets it apart from other design firms," said Jon Friedman, president and co-founder of Freight Farms. "We're excited to work together to identify additional ways that our products can help reduce the barriers to entry for current and future farmers." 

Freight Farms is already deployed by academic institutions, restaurants, wholesale produce distributors and small business owners. The company recently announced that it had sold out of Leafy Green Machines for 2015 and would be scaling its production three-fold to meet growing demand. 

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