The environment and the environmental impacts of producing goods is an important topic at the moment. Increasingly more companies are contributing to find ways to minimize the impact of their activities on the environment. Also the Italian manufacturer of BASIC5 thermal screens and technical textiles is working hard to reduce their impact on the environment. Since September 2015, they have been supporting an association that fights against deforestation in the Amazon and there are plans in the pipeline to link their contribution to the sales of their products. This is explained by Elisabetta Pircher of Aduno.

Our responsibility
"As an industrial production company, we have inevitable repercussions on the environment, we feel it is our responsibility to do our best to counter and overcome the resulting pollution. At Aduno, the guiding emotion is gratitude towards the earth: we have a duty to repay its generosity and preserve its original condition as much as possible. Therefore, we decided to support an association that is working hard to achieve this," says Pircher.

Amazônia Onlus
"The Amazon is known to be the green lungs of the world, but deforestation is threatening this region," says Pircher. For this reason, they decided to contribute to an association called Amazônia Onlus, which for over 15 years supports the Project Xixuaú that fights against deforestation, but also provides education, health and sustainable development for the indigenous communities of the Amazon forest.

The children of the tribe Caboclos, who live in the Amazon region, are among the beneficiaries of many initiatives of the association, because they are the future of the local population and because they are also the most exposed to poverty and lack of basic necessities such as drinking water, health care and educational facilities.

Over 2015 resources have been concentrated mainly on medical expeditions to visit families at home even in small villages, facilitate access to drinking water supplies and also organizing a water supply, educational visits and an English course for the children.

Every bit helps
On September 10, 2015, Aduno made a unique contribution to the association. In the future, they are planning to contribute on a regular basis. "The idea is linking the contribution to the sales or to finance a specific project," says Pircher. "We know we are grains of sand in an endless ocean, but we want to move at least that little speck, because the air of the Amazon is also ours," she concluded.

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