Some seasonal cultivations benefit from the simple alternation of cultivation in a heated covered space (autumn/winter) and the one in "en plein air" (spring and summer). Said alternation requires two basic elements: the management of light, and aeration systems.

Italian greenhouse builder ArtigianFer has introduced the Combilux greenhouse to deal with these problems in a greenhouse typology that is "absolutely new in design and functionality," the company says. "The versions and potentialities of the Combilux greenhouse have been submitted to a patent process that is ongoing and progressing."

A Combilux greenhouse, according to ArtigianFer, can be used in a variety of ways:
  • Completely open.
  • Completely open with external shading.
  • Completely open with external and/or internal shading and/or insulation.
  • Partially openable.
  • Completely closed with external and/or internal shading and/or insulation.
  • Covered with polyethylene of various nature and luminosity.
  • Covered with rigid and semi-rigid plastic material and with glass.
  • Covered with a long-lasting material that is the ETFE in the solutions that will be more and more frequent than closed-air conditioned greenhouses.

The models, which to date, already have their specific design and underwent a pre-manufacturing and industrial unification process, are the following:
  • Combilux PE Cabrio with rolling cloth in polyethylene + external and internal Shading, Width of aisle 8.00-12.00 m and of span 4.00-5.00 m
  • Combilux Glass with alternating doors or without alternating doors
  • Width of aisle 8.00-9.60-12.00 m and of span 4.00-5.00 m
  • Combilux ETFE (in prototype phase to then be built in field) Width of aisle 9.60 m and of span 4.00-5.00 m
The first 4 hectares of Combilux greenhouses have already been built.

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