Students at Sanford Junior High School are trying their hands at journalism this academic year and are submitting monthly reports to the Sanford News about various events and happenings at their school. Their latest report features a piece about the school's new greenhouse, in which one of the students looks forward to the aquaponics lessons that will start soon:

"The construction of the junior high's new greenhouse started in mid October and should be done around mid December.

"The greenhouse had to be rebuilt because last winter it collapsed from all the snow. The Sanford High students from Mr. Hathaway's morning Building Trades class and Mr. Fecteau's morning Residential Wiring class are both helping to make the greenhouse.

"The greenhouse is going to cost approximately $8,000 in grant funds for reconstruction, with a little left over.

"We will be starting Aquaponics when we get back from Christmas break. A greenhouse is a building that protects plants that can't live in the cold. We are going to be using the new greenhouse for Aquaponics."

Read the full report here