The Turkish Mediterranean resort of Antalya may suffer losses totalling $ 6.5 billion if tensions between Russia and Turkey continue to escalate, according to "Hurriyet".

This was announced at a joint press conference by deputies of the Republican People's Party. They emphasised the negative impact on tourism and agriculture. They report that about 40,000 Russians currently live in Antalya. The crisis in relations could cost the resort $ 6 billion in losses in tourism and $ 500 million in the agricultural sector.

This year, Antalya has already lost about 25 percent of its income from tourism and the current crisis in relations could take a very negative toll on the country. Russian President Vladimir Putin has already decreed a number of economic measures against Ankara.

So far, three ships loaded with 750 containers of fruits and vegetables, as well as 600 freight vehicles, all bound to Russia, have already been blocked by Russian authorities.