Visser & Mayer join hands in a global collaboration. Mayer specializing in potting machines & soil preparation and Visser specializing in all handling regarding young plant production, make for great partners in international horticultural projects.

Both companies are under new management. Thomas Bassmann & René de Vos see many opportunities in combining strengths. The two family companies are both passionate about quality, reliability and innovation. The products of both companies are complementary and make for a full program including everything required, needed or desired in a nursery. Expertise through experience in every area in horticultural equipment will make for a great synergy.

The combined sales network will provide opportunities to further business and to expand to new markets. The companies will partner in worldwide turnkey horticultural projects. Two experts, one solution and the best option for the customer is now available.

During IPM in Essen both companies will introduce their renewed collaboration.

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