Buysman Kruiden in Andijk grows fresh parsley, mint, dill, basil, lovage, shiso, coriander and chives. Piet, Vok, Jos, Louis, Erik and Mark Buysman enjoy working with herbs, combining crafts with modern technology, in a sustainable way and with respect for nature: without chemical pesticides and the production process is mainly done by hand. Automation is used primarily for filling pots.

The brothers Buysman are always in for new developments but also want to go their own way. They would rather try for themselves than rely on other people’s opinions. Take the soil in which the herbs grow: after years of mixing and trying they have developed their own optimal soil mix. Airy and nutritious, in which the herbs will thrive. Reading a lot, trying new things and spending his whole day doing this, that's how Piet Buysman achieves the best results.

Sustainable growth process
The greenhouses are mainly heated by geothermal heat and the water is recycled time and time again. The production process is done by hand: Buysman only uses a machine for filling the pots with soil.

Source: Greenport NoordHollandNoord