Strawberry grower Jouy at Camp Peries nursery in France has been growing strawberries in special gutters using a moveable system. This growing method means the company can place more gutters on each trellis. Having been commissioned by Horconex, Meteor Systems developed a moveable system equipped with a special type of gutter made according to the grower's requirements. The last part of this system was supplied recently. Jouy can now grow the crop on a surface area measuring a total of 4.2 hectares.

The moveable system ensures that the existing space is used as efficiently as possible. There are now ten gutters in a trellis, equipped with two moveable wires per gutter. The system is based on a balance system: of the ten gutters, five move upwards and five downwards. This means that the forces they are subjected to are minimal. Gutters 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 move up and/or down at the same time. Gutters 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 do the same. When in the neutral position, all ten gutters hang at the same height. When the grower needs to see to the crops, the gutters can be lowered or raised. This creates pathways between the gutters so that the grower has the space to carry out any crop activities.

A special gutter was developed for Jouy. This type of gutter, the GM-28, is equipped with an integrated notch for the heating pipe. The system remains stable thanks to the central placement of the heating pipe in the gutter. The central placement also means that heat can be distributed evenly through the soil.

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