Bionur-Europe recently completed a study at Proeftuin Zwaagdijk. This trial made use of seedlings, and the young plants were planted in containers with soil. The study focused on researching the effects of the use of Bionur and the optimization of the manner of administration.

Bionur is a natural product that can be applied in organic and traditional cultivation. The large amount of amino and folic acids (the DNA regulator) in Bionur stimulates a strong plant growth and metabolism.

The trials show that the best results can be achieved with a triweekly maintenance dosage of Bionur. After a few weeks, the differences between the groups that were and weren't treated with Bionur, became clear:
- increase of the readily absorbable nutrients in the soil of the Bionur group
- in the soil of the Bionur group, no emerging fungi are observed.

The photo shows the trial setup. The table shows the increase of readily absorbable nutrients compared to the control group and as a function of the Bionur concentration. In the Bionur groups, the NPK values were increased by around 30%.

"The results underline the effectiveness of Bionur as an improver of the microbial growth climate of the plant. Bionur ensures a better conversion of the organic material in the soil, and thus an increase in readily absorbable nutrients. This means that in a cultivation, a switch can be made to a lower standard NPK dosage," Piet Schilder explains. "The lack of fungi on the soil shows the suppressive effect of Bionur on infections. This quality has also been observed during previous trials with cucumber and tomatoes in rock wool."

Bionur is successfully used in Europe in various cultivations. Bionur-Europe is now introducing the product on the European market.

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