One and a half years ago, Ben Sosef started with Royal Brinkman's latest branch in Mexico. Now the company not only has its own office, but its own building as well. "Growers don't want to order products like shading agents months in advance. We now have that in stock."

Royal Brinkman has participated in Mexican horticulture fair Expo AgroAlimentaria for years now. Last year was a special year: Ben Sosef had just started with the Mexican branch a few months before. "Brinkman has been active in Mexico for more than twenty years," he says. "But that's always been export. The client had to take care of import themselves, and the domestic transport." Because the company saw how the market is developing, and because they believe in local presence at Royal Brinkman, Sosef started with the Mexican branch in April 2014. "Now we can manage import in Mexico ourselves, and send Mexican invoices as well. It's a lot easier."

Arend-Jan de Lange, Fuentes Monserrat and Ben Sosef of Royal Brinkman Mexico at the trade show in Irapuato

Own building
One and a half years later, Royal Brinkman in Mexico doesn't just have its own office, but an entire building. "With our own supplies, we can service the client better," Sosef thinks. The company introduced shading agent Q3 White for the Mexican market at the trade fair. "Growers immediately want to have it when the sun starts to shine. You don't really plan that eight weeks in advance. We now have it in store ourselves." Rope, CO2 hoses, clips, disinfection mats, as well as a number of spare parts, and even a Bio Chopper Compact in the warehouse. "You name it," Sosef continues. "With our own supply, we are more flexible, and the client can be more flexible with orders. Normally, a container had to be filled with materials. Now we can supply pallets – even boxes, if required."

The Twinhook, against tearing

At least as important as the practical side, is the transfer of knowledge. This is not just about knowledge from the Dutch to the Mexican growers, but also about what Sosef and his colleagues learn about Mexico. "You get feedback from the grower, and know what's happening here. We notice growers here are also dealing with tearing tomato plants. That's why, with Dutch growers, we developed the Twinhook. We're now taking it to Mexico. But not all our Dutch solutions are suitable for the Mexican market. You only really see what does and what doesn't help when you're here on a day-to-day basis."

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