Peninsula farms goes Pink with the first pilot indoor grow room, Grahame Dunling who is the C.O.O of Peninsula Farms has started the LED plant room so he can grow Gourmet herbs and Micro herbs under the same format as he grew in the UK at F.D.M Herbs. Grahame’s format of growing is to use a ‘House’ style growing technique, this helps to increase the intensity and aroma of the plant. The micro herbs are grown in an inert media that has been organically certified and they receive no chemicals or sprays just pure LED lighting from one of the major suppliers. The intention here is to start small and grow as the Business grows. He says they will grow the crop slowly using the best LED lights and the correct spectrum needed for the plants to achieve the flavour needed. There are a lot of hotels and high class restaurants and Grahame’s aim is to supply these with a high quality hit your taste buds gourmet flavoured micro herbs. Grahame is going to grow quality Micro herbs and living micro lettuce. All of these will go to the high end quality hotel and restaurant trade. Grahame says these are NOT going to be elongated seedlings like the low quality you can often see. He is going to grow small four leaf quality hit your taste buds herbs, grown for quality flavour and texture.

In 2008 in the UK he supplied top chefs with this gourmet product so he says he is well experienced in what a chef is looking for. As well as taste and texture he intends to supply the herbs so that the quality chef can turn a meal into a painting and a work of art. This is about producing gourmet salads and not volume production, as Peninsula Farms intend to grow and sell 90% of all produce locally. The whole aim is to create a brand known for Growing Local, Producing Local and Eating Local. 

He is also going to grow certain products exclusively for certain chefs to create that exclusive gourmet club of fine dining.

Grahame whose pioneering growing techniques have transformed 40,000m2 of greenhouses in Bahrain into one of the leading farms in the GCC growing quality crops such as Salanova lettuce, tomatoes, capsicums and chilli peppers. In 2016 they are also going to grow potted herbs for the major supermarkets.

The Salanova lettuce is exclusive to Peninsula Farms so they are proud to be the only grower in Bahrain to grow them and he intends to promote the taste, texture and long shelf life of this exclusive product. Also to be introduced is a living whole lettuce brand again the exclusive Salanova brand lettuce will be the trade mark lettuce for this venture ensuring that the Kingdom of Bahrain is at the forefront of horticulture in the G.C.C.

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