Kwekerij de Broekvelden BV specializes in the cultivation of cucumbers and truss tomatoes in the autumn season. When it comes to cucumbers, the organization is always open to new varieties. So this summer Kwekerij de Broekvelden BV tried planting about 20 square meters of Dubai*, the newest De Ruiter cucumber variety. This test with Dubai* was very positive. Therefore grower Frans Gubbels decided to do a full hectare test with this variety next summer.

Frans: "This season we worked with a long summer cultivation. During the cultivation Dubai* came out very positively. During the hot weather our standard variety was not generating 10% of its shoots in the corner where Dubai was being tested, while Dubai produced all of its shoots. In addition, Dubai* delivered a good average fruit weight on the stem.” It should be noted that Frans had positioned Dubai* in the most difficult corner of his greenhouse: "Dubai* still had enough growing power for the shoots and for a good production." 

Vigour around the longest day
The latter is very important for De Broekvelden because next year’s summer crop is planted a month earlier here, around 15 June. Vigour is of great importance to continue performing around the longest day and thereafter. Frans: “Dubai* produced well, particularly during a stressful period, both in numbers and in kilos." De Broekvelden will plant its summer crop around mid-June in 2016 and will stop in early September to plant autumn tomatoes.

Color control
For next year’s summer crop Frans has his plan ready: "We choose to stick to 30 leaves per stem, so that the crop doesn’t become too full and towards the fall there is more vigour for the fruits in the low light period. It seems that Dubai* performs best in the sparsest corner of our greenhouse. Dubai* is slightly fuller; it is a vigorous crop type. For the color, with Dubai*, we have to carefully steer with EC and leaf picking. That requires attention with this variety."

Outstanding durability
Frans is very satisfied with the shape of the fruit and praises the sustainability of Dubai*. "We did the necessary tests for durability. And this was particularly good for Dubai*.” Frans sums up: "The stress resistance makes Dubai* a race that offers more security in difficult circumstances around the longest day. In addition, the profit for us is really in the creation of the shoots; which with Dubai* result in a great production. "

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