Locus Traxx Worldwide has appointed Genesis Fresh as its representative in Poland. This will give exporters access to crucial tools as they search for new markets in the face of the Russian produce embargo. Through this agreement with Locus Traxx Worldwide, Genesis Fresh will distribute the innovative SmartTraxx™ GO product line, which includes the GO, GO XL, GO LUX and GO Location monitoring devices. All of these units provide information in real time, regardless of how the goods are being transported.
According to Genesis Fresh’s Jan Nowakowski, “This is the first time the SmartTraxx™ GO products will be available to Polish companies through a local distributor. Locus Traxx Worldwide’s technology will offer an innovative real-time solution never before seen in Poland.”
“At a time when the Russian embargo is continuing to make life difficult for exporters, it is important to find new markets, showing potential customers that having a high level of traceability is vital,” said Jan-Willem Schrijver, Managing Director of Locus Traxx Worldwide - EU. “There is no other technology on the market that can offer this level of real-time monitoring of your goods, and now Polish suppliers have the chance to give themselves a real competitive edge.”
Poland currently has a strong export trade, particularly with blueberries, apples, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes, and peppers. However, the Polish market has also seen a continual growth trend in exports of other fruits and vegetables. With this increase, international supermarkets continue to demand higher and higher levels of supply chain visibility.
“Clients nowadays want to know where the product is and at what temperature it is being transported,” Nowakowski added. “Traceability is crucial and SmartTraxx™ gives you piece of mind that you can monitor your products and react as necessary to any situation.”
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