More than 800 exhibitors from 46 countries will line up next week during Mexico's premier greenhouse trade show in the city of Irapuato. The 20th edition of the Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato will take place for the first time at a completely new location. According to the trade show's director, Mr Gustavo García Balderas, the move of the show to the new location will take the event to the next level in terms of size and infrastructure.

“We’re 3.5 km from the exit of the federal road connecting Irapuato and Abasolo, in a location with twice the size: 630 thousand square metres. The investment to improve the infrastructure has amounted to 60 million pesos (about 3.4 million euros) and we are really happy with it. Visitors and exhibitors will have better and faster access to the show."

As regards the event’s capacity, Mr García Balderas states that this year there will be 1,300 exhibition spaces with some 800 different exhibitors from 46 countries. “Compared to last year the expansion in the area for exhibitors has amounted to about 60%, which is a substantial growth.”

One of the few little setbacks this year has been that the event will coincide with the celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States on Friday, “Next year we’ll organise the event again in the second week of November and everything will go back to normal,” Balderas affirms.

All in all, Mr Gustavo García Balderas is convinced that November is a great month for such an event, since its the best time of the year to launch new products in preparation for the upcoming New Year. Many farmers and growers always attend the event to learn more about the new products and to get acquainted with new supplies and materials for their business or expansions in the new season.

The trade show is the most important event in the field of greenhouse horticulture in Mexico. While the show is organized in the central region of Mexico, it also focuses on development in the entire country. As well as this, the event has proven to contribute to horticulture business development in North America in general, as the event brings together both international and local stakeholders and suppliers.

When? From 24-27 November in Irapuato, Mexico.

Please have a look at our photo report with all the greenhouse technology that was on display at the Expo AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato last year. will again be present this year to make a complete report of the show, plus we will interview exhibitors and growers at the show. Have some news for us in regards to the Mexican greenhouse industry? Or do you want to highlight your project or project launch? Just drop us an e-mail or your press release and we will include this in our newsletter or visit your booth!

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