Building boilers for horticulture must meet high standards. And that's how it should be, because the damage is huge if the boiler is not working properly. There are a lot of international rules involving boilers. Theo Kleijweg of TK Topboiler: "Almost every country has its own regulations. Because our boilers are mainly exported, they have the necessary certificates. ASME, CRN, GOST, Belarus, China License are the most common, but there are more. On our site you can see all certificates we can comply with."

The boilers of TK Topboiler are produced by HKB (part of Viessmann Group) in Venlo. Yearly audits are performed after which, as an authorized inspector, Lloyds monitors the quality.

Why boilers from the Netherlands?
Dutch horticultural boilers are widely purchased by foreign growers. Theo: "We, the Dutch, are specialists in this field. Dutch boiler manufacturers produce boilers with lower NOX emissions, deliver high efficiency and guarantee safe CO2 with a good boiler-burner combination. This is important for horticulture. The boiler must carry out a reliable process, so the grower can rely on CO2. "

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