LED designer and manufacturer Illumitex announced the extension and expansion of its popular USDA grant application program. 

The program helps customers tap into a $50M grant fund available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The fund, called Rural Energy for America Program (REAP), provides grants to agricultural entities in both rural and urban settings that implement energy-efficiency improvements or a renewable energy system.

Applications for the initial phase of the program ended October 31, but Illumitex will begin processing applications for Phase 2 beginning December 1.

Additionally, Illumitex will offer customers access to a new USDA grant program, Value Added Producer Grants (VAPG), which is a program to help farmers with third-party consulting fees such as planning, feasibility studies, marketing programs and more.

“We had a tremendous response to Phase One of our grant program,” said Paul Hardej, Illumitex VP of Hortitecture Solutions. “We’re pleased to be able to extend and expand the program to help more urban farmers.”

The REAP program can ensure contained environment agriculture customers are able to recoup up to 25% of the cost of energy-efficient Illumitex LED lights, whereas the VAPG program will cover up to 50% of project costs.

Awards for new grant applicants will be announced by USDA REAP in April 2016, with disbursement soon thereafter. Illumitex customers who previously applied for a USDA REAP grant may apply again in a new fiscal year. 

With innovative urban farmers taking advantage of the USDA grant programs and energy-efficient Illumitex LED lighting, more people in more places will have access to fresh and nutritious produce grown close to home, while reducing energy consumption, water usage and “food miles.”

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