The latest packaging option from APACK Turkey will arrive on the Swedish market in the coming weeks. The Eco-Tray is a fully recyclable container that can appeal to consumers in the fresh cut market who are conservation-minded and want their food easily accessible.
“We partnered with a Dutch company to develop something that's very usable and environmentally friendly,” said Muharrem Demir of APACK. “So we came up with something with paper portions that are biodegradable and plastic film portions that are recyclable.” The product was developed specifically for the Swedish market, which Muharrem described as one with very environmentally-conscious consumers.

“People in Sweden are also always moving,” said Muharrem. “So the options have to be mobile as well. They have little time in the kitchen, so they need something that's functional and easy.” The cost is higher than most traditional packaging, but when compared to the price of add-ons that typically come with conventional packaging, which the Eco-Tray doesn't require, then total costs become comparable.

In its 10 years of doing business, APACK has grown into a company that exports about half of their products to 64 countries all over the world. The Eco-Tray is the latest step in a plan that will leave the company with technology on par with that found in the Netherlands. That plan has been aided with government support in the form of subsidies for sales and marketing visits taken to foreign markets.

“Today, we're on the same level as companies in Spain and Italy,” said Muharrem. “But the target is to be like Germany, because they are the game changers. We hope to be on their level in the next three years.”

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