Since 2008 Dutch cucumber grower Dings is cultivating on a high-wire system. Dings variety of choice for this is Rijk Zwaan's Proloog, the main breed for traditional cultivation for years.

In the second week of 2015 Dings planted Proloog on a high wire setting in his greenhouse of 3 hectare. Most varieties used in high-wire cultivation are mostly planted by the end of January. For the grower, theearly cucumbers paid relatively well, a major advantage.

Starting early asks for scaling-up in phases. "To cultivate along with the light, we started in week 2 with 1,5 plants per square meter, we kept 1 stem extra in week 8 and added another one in week 12. This amounts to a total 3 stems per square meter. When in week 16 the light comes through, we need those for production. We copied this growing method from the tomato cultivation."

Proloog has still a number of important characteristics for high-wire cultivation. Its endurance is necessary for a long growing season. It is a labour-friendly crop. Proloog naturally achieves one fruit per axil on the stem; easy when it comes to thinning out. It also does not give split heads. The quality and fruit weight are always good. Sometimes the fruit is a little bit long, but the overall production is good. "Between week 2 and 28 we harvested 150 cucumbers per square meter. My mission is accomplished. Next year I will do it all over again."

Proloog RZ has been the main variety for many years in the traditional cucumber cultivation. Last season the variety proved itself in high-wire cultivation. Breeder Rijk Zwaan has contributed by finding the right growing strategy.

Proloog can be planted from early January for high-wire cultivation. The early production and the average fruit weight can compete with traditional growing methods.

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